What happens if I do not complete the course?

What happens if I cancel late for a lesson?


When is a student eligible to begin Drivers Education?

How do I know which option is best?

What is the difference between the in-class option and the online class option?

What documents are needed to take a classroom instruction?

What time are the classes?

What paperwork is providied to show the DMV a student took classroom instruction?


When do you administer the permit test?

How old must a student be to test for a permit?

What documents are needed for a student to obtain a permit from DMV?

What happens after a student obtains a permit?

Behind the Wheel

When can a student begin driving with an instructor?

What documents are needed to enroll in driving lessons?

What will the student learn while driving with an instructor?

How much practice does a student need before their first lesson?

When do driving lessons take place?

Where do driving lessons take place?

Why can't I schedule all my driving lessons at one time?

What happens when I complete all six hours of driving lessons?

When do driving lessons expire?

What vehicle is used for the driving lessons?

Is there an extra steering wheel and brake for the instructor?

Drivers License Testing

Do you provide a road test for everyone?

When can I schedule my driver license road test?

The DMV is booked out too far. Can you get me in quickly?

What documentation do I need for a regular road test?

What documentation do you require for Interlock testing?

What happens if I pass my driver test?

What happens if I fail my driver test?