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Affordable Driving School Classroom Sessions

WE ARE STILL UNDER STATE LIMITATIONS FOR IN-PERSON SESSIONS DUE TO COVID. We are hoping soon for these restrictions to be lifted. However, until then we are limited to 15 in-person slots per session. These slots are first-come, first-serve. Once in-person slots are filled, additional students will attend virtually via zoom. If you are wanting your child to attend in person, please call before registering to ensure we still have slots available. 


Your child can start their 30-hour drivers education at 14 & 6 months of age. In order for your child to receive their permit by the age 15yrs and UNDER 15 & 6 months of age, they must attend a 30-hour course and pre-registration through the state. Once completed, they can apply for their permit.

ALL of our 30-hour in-class packages include the following:

  • 30-hour class (in-person at  our locations, online as a self-paced class, or virtually via Zoom with our state-approved instructors)
  • Permit test (written exam)
  • Mandatory 6-hour behind-the-wheel training
  • You must hold a VALID Colorado instructional permit to make any behind-the-wheel driving appointments. 
  • You must submit all waivers online. If you do not, we can not drive with your child and a late cancelation fee will be assessed. 

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If you are registering for any of our packages (outside of DL testing) and are not going to be paying by cash, check, or money order please be aware that there is a credit card processing fee. However you pay, you must still complete the registration process. After you get to the payment page, log out and your child's information will be saved in the system. Once payment is made, we will contact you to forward your receipt. If you are purchasing driving lessons, payment is required before you are able to schedule any lessons. For driver's license tests, we only accept cash or credit card for payment.

4-Hour Expanded Driver Awareness Program

  • You must be at least 15yrs and 6months of age. We require a copy of your birth certificate, passport, or state ID.
  • Classes are held on Saturdays from 8:00a - 12:30p

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