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Driver Education Rules and Regulations

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the school and the student, and any verbal assurances or promises not contained herein are not binding on either the school or student.

Under this agreement, an instructor may not provide behind-the-wheel training to more than two individual students per session.

If at time of a driving lesson the instructor feels the student is under the influence of any drugs/alcohol, we will cancel the lesson and will contact parent/guardian immediately. Affordable Driving School has a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol! The account will be assessed a $45 cancellation fee. Once paid in full, we will issue a certificate for any completed BTW hours. The student will be responsible for completing the remaining hours elsewhere. No refunds will be provided.

If weather conditions are poor, we will contact the phone number on file or email. Please make sure we have a VALID email address on file. No cancellation charge will be assessed.

If any of the following situations occur, we will assess a late fee of $45 and no further lessons may be scheduled until the fee is paid in full:

  • If the student is more than 15 minutes late for a lesson
  • If the student is a no show and/or we do not receive a cancellation call prior to 5pm the previous business day (PLEASE NOTE: THAT SUNDAYS ARE NOT CONSIDERED A CALENDAR BUSINESS DAY AND THEREFOR ANY FOLLOW-UPS WILL TAKE PLACE THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS DAY)
  • If the student cannot provide their permit to the instructor at the time their lesson

For those who purchased six hours of Behind the Wheel instruction, the following will apply:

  • A total of three - two-hour drives must be completed within 1 year of permit issuance date or the sign-up date, whichever is most recent. We recommend that students complete one lesson every four months and spread out their instruction.
  • The student/parent is responsible for scheduling three, two-hour driving lessons. Only one drive may be scheduled at a time unless you have purchased the A-La-Cart option.
  • After completing all lessons, we will provide a six-hour certificate which the student will need to provide to the Department of Motor Vehicles once they are ready to physically obtain their license.

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